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If you love Israel, and you want to invest in Israel, we in RESHIMU can assist you.

RESHIMU assists investors from abroad to invest in Israeli companies.
There are two types of investment:

  • A pure business-oriented investment (high potential of revenue)
  • Investing in Israeli companies which their main goal is in community-assistance field
RESHIMU is a full-service (Business Strategy, Marketing and Financial) consulting firm. Having worked for years with companies in Israel, we have the expertise to help you to make the right decision to invest in Israel and gain from it.

RESHIMU was founded by Jacob Maor (graduate of Technion Haifa Bsc., MBA, a author of two novels, a journalist, with a radio program,…), with years of world-class business experience since 1987. The firm name RESHIMU means: the residual impression of the infinite Divine light - and our goal is to achieve a positive residual impression on our clients.

Our clients range in size from Small and Medium companies to some of Israel's leading companies. Our experience across many companies and industries enables us to bring the knowledge and experience in all areas of business including management, marketing plans and operations. We can be your local Israeli presence, preparing all the needed information ready for you and let you only take the decisions.

The process is very fast and simple:
Contact us at
or Call us: +972-3-6193000

Here is how it works:

Since 2001, RESHIMU uses its experience as a professional business consulting firm to match between investors and companies from Israel’s raising industry, and to identify investment and collaborative opportunities in Israel.

Why invest in Israel?

  • Highest number of Engineers per capita
  • A center of excellence that brings innovation
  • Highest number of Scientific publications per capita
  • Highest number of NASDAQ listed companies outside north America
  • Highest number of startups outside the silicon valley
  • ...because we love Israel
More reasons why to invest in Israel?
See Invest-in-Israel.wmv

If you are looking for promising investments in Israeli companies, technologies and products, or if you are looking for strategic partners in Israel, we are here to help you.

The process is very fast and simple:
Contact us at
or Call us: +972-3-6193000

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